Torah of Awakening Day Long Retreat


Brian brooksExploring inner
liberation through
meditation, prayer,
teaching & dialogue.

with Brian Yosef Schachter-Brooks

Sunday March 23,  9:30am – 5:00pm
Chochmat HaLev

Can Judaism be a path of enlightenment?

Kabbalah teaches that in essence we are one with the One, beyond form. “Awakening” is the experiential realization of this teaching, that you are infinitely more than the sum of your thoughts and feelings, or ego.

Beneath the personality there is a radiant field of awareness- free from negativity and connected to the aliveness of the present moment. Judaism, if practiced with the right intention, is a path of awakening from the separateness of ego, into the freedom, love and wisdom of your essence. In this state, “liberation from Egypt” and “receiving revelation” are not mere ideas, but lived experience.

Join us for an experiential journey beyond separateness, into the ineffable freedom of the Present.

Members of CHL: Before March 17: $35, After March 17: $50
General Public: Before March 17: $60, After March 17: $75

Financial Assistance is available.  Please contact the office.

Minimum of 10 participants for the retreat to take place.