Purim Extravaganza

Uproarious Fun for  Purim 1
Kids of All Ages

Saturday March 15, 2014
Chochmat HaLev

Purim35:00pm Grogger DecoratingBring a box of Mac & Cheese to use as your noisemaker, and leave it as a donation to the food bank when you go.

5:30pm –Purim Story with JenMiriam & her Purim-y Puppet-y friends

6:00pm – The Royal Court Crazy Costume Parade

6:20pm – Purim in Chelm – a zany tale performed by the Torat HaLev School Players

6:30pm – Hip Hop Dance with Dawn

7:00pm Esther’s Jesters Jammin’ Dance Party, Haman’s Horrible Hairdos, Tattoos by Mordichai, and more fun for everyone!

Pizza, Hamantashen & Drinks for Sale

  • Members: $5-10/person ($25/family cap)
  • General Public: $10-$15/person ($35/family cap)
  • Register here

Call Judy to see how you can help: 510-704-9687