Jewish Mystical Practice Intensive


Number of Sessions:  weekly, 8 sessions, each session 1.25 hours. Wednesday evening from 7:30 PM to 8:45 PM, followed by tea and cookies
Dates: starting April 2, weekly, skipping April 16, ending May 28

Kirvat Elohim li tov – Intimacy with G!d is good for me! – Psalm 73

Summary:  Mysticism is the direct, unmediated experience of the Divine. To get there requires a simple, consistent practice, a supportive practice group, and a teacher.  The goal of this practice intensive is to provide all that.  A practice form needs to be congruent with a vision of the Divine (a theology).  Our’s is the Baal Shem Tov’s:  G!d is to be found in every iota of this world.  The practice form is is an instructor-led guided meditation – sometimes performed standing and sometimes sitting – based upon the kabbalistic Four Worlds of human consciousness:  Asiyyah (bodily sensation), Yetzirah (emotions), Bri’ah (cognitive intellect) and  Atzilut (spirit).  Each session is a journey through one of the four worlds, with time afterwards for reflection, dialogue and a little text study. Repetition is the heart of learning, so we will run through the whole practice twice, thus 8 weekly sessions. A practice sheet will be provided so that that participant can do the practice form outside of class.

Cost:  members – $140, non-members $175

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Contact the instructor/facilitator:
Rabbi Tsvi BarDavid (AJR CA)
c:  415-806-2363

Rabbi Tsvi Ben-DavidBio: 16 years of practice and teaching Jewish Mysticism, both as a path to healing, and as a good in  itself.  Translated and taught – from the original Hebrew and Aramaic – portions of Jewish mystical texts, including Ma’aseh Merkavah, Zohar, and Tanya.  Reb Tsvi’s yichus (rabbinic lineage) extends through his mother’s father,  Rabbi Katriel Gross, a Vizhnitzer chasid, to Tosfot Yom Tov Heller, a major 17th century Talmudist. Reb Tsvi holds a masters in Rabbinic Studies for his thesis on Merkavah mysticism and davvening.  And he is an inter-faith chaplain with full CPE level II training with a specialization in addiction recovery. Member of Chochmat HaLev Spiritual Leadership Council.