A Survey of Jewish Mystical Practices throughout the Ages

January 15, 2014-March 5, 2014

Wednesdays 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM – followed by tea and cookies

Mysticism is the direct, unmediated experience of the Divine.  

The purpose of this course is to introduce the participant to a variety of Jewish mystical practices, taken from different epochs in Jewish history, from Biblical times to contemporary times. The focus of the course is doing the practice as a way to experience the Divine. Text study related to the practice is good, and can be touched upon, but is secondary to the goal of the class.

Guest teachers: Brian Schachter-Brooks, Hana Matt, Ibrahim Farajaje, Michael Rothbaum

The 8 Sessions (topics and teachers):

1. Intro to J mystical practice – R Tsvi.
• Kabbalat Ha-Guf, an embodied practice: Machzor Ha-Kochot
2. Shacharit as a Merkavah practice – R Tsvi
3. Heichalot practice – R Tsvi. The immanence of the Divine in the heart.
4. Brachach/gratitude – R Michael Rothbaum
5. Eclectic Sefer Yetzirah – R Brian Schachter-Brooks
6. Zoharic practice – Hana Matt
7. Sufi practice – Dr. Ibrahim Farajaje
8. Bringing it all together – R Tsvi and all the teachers.
• Ceremony of completion and Kabbalat Panim
• Te’udat gmar – certificate of completion

Cost: CHL members: $140, general public:  $175

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Rabbi Tsvi Bar-DavidRabbi Tsvi Ben-David

Has 15 years of practice and teaching Jewish Mysticism, both as a path to healing, and as a good in itself. Translated and taught – from
the original Hebrew and Aramaic – portions
of Jewish mystical texts, including Ma’aseh
Merkavah, Zohar, and Tanya. Studied the
connection between world shamanism
and Jewish mysticism, particularly the worldview and healing practices of the Dineh (Navajo) Nation.