OLD EVENT – Magic of Music, Meditation and Middot – an Elul Retreat

Lior Tsarfaty and Laura Goldman
Sunday, August 30, 2015
10:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Chochmat HaLev

The practice of Tikkun Middot involves the mindful and systematic cultivation of ethical qualities (middot). For some, having a deep body- and heart-centered experience of a middah can facilitate a conscious relationship with that middah, thereby making it easier and more natural to establish an on-going practice. We feel what Equanimity is like in the body, and having had that experience, we are more motivated to cultivate it in our life.

The Hebrew month of Elul is when we do the work of T’shuvah, of returning to our wholeness, our holiness, in preparation for the High Holidays. This is the work of Tikkun Middot: bringing into balance how we walk through our life and relate to others, ourself, and God.

In this daylong retreat, we will use music (traditional chants and modern music), meditation, wisdom teachings, and somatic exercises to explore and embody the middot of Gratitude, Generosity, Compassion, and Equanimity. We will particularly emphasize the power of music, sound, and silence to open and strengthen us in the direction of T’shuvah.

This retreat is appropriate for those who have previously studied Tikkun Middot, and those who for whom this is a new practice. No previous meditation or musical experience is required.
Please bring your own lunch.
Minimum 15 participants. Maximum 30 Participants – Sign up now, this popular class will fill up.