Maggid’s musings: The week Shabbat Ha’azinu

Shabbat Shalom Chaverim,

This week’s Torah portion, Ha’azinu, is the penultimate parasha in our annual reading cycle. It marks an extraordinary transformation in Moses—a shift that is signaled even in the way the text is graphically laid out in the scroll.

Moses is at the end of his life and has become a poet! Yep, the same guy, who back in Exodus 6:12, at the beginning of his journey, said of himself, “ The Israelites haven’t listened to me so how is Pharaoh going to listen to me? I have uncircumcised lips!”

The germ of the poet is there—I mean “uncircumcised lips” is a little clumsy, but kind of poetic—neverthe less, Moses is still a long way from being the bard who we meet in this week’s parasha. Even for a biblical icon, becoming the person you want to be can take time.

Saying “yes” to those opportunities that might bring us closer to living the life we want is the first step to shifting from survival to thriving. Buckminster Fuller, the 20th century revolutionary thinker, inventor, philosopher and engineer, offered this pithy insight:

Chochmat Halev

May you be inspired this Shabbes to, like Moses, find the courage to live full out. Let the freshness of the new year, the open invitation of Shabbat to dream, and the meditations of your heart lead you to exactly where you are meant to be.

All blessin’s-



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