High Holy Day Giving

The High Holy Days are a traditional time to support and strengthen our community financially, while honoring those dear to you. You can choose to purchase leaves for our Yizkor tree. Each leaf on our handcrafted tree is inscribed with the name of someone specially remembered at this season. The tree will remain on display through the coming year.

You may also choose to dedicate a prayer book – a High Holy Day machzor – in honor of a friend, loved one, mentor, or as a blessing of tikkun olam.

Suggested donations are traditionally in multiples of $18, a celebration of Chai (life). Your High Holy Days donation in any amount is greatly appreciated.

Yizkor Tree Leaves


Publicly remember your loved ones by making a donation to Chochmat in their memory. Each leaf on our handmade tree bears the name of someone being remembered, and stays on the tree through the coming year.
Please include the name being remembered in the “Additional Information” box when you check out.




We look within the tradition to renew Judaism for the 21st century in a meaningful and accessible way.  We are known for our high-energy musical services as well as our deep meditation and contemplative offerings. At Chochmat HaLev we believe that the richness of spiritual life can be unlocked in many ways, and we therefore offer a diversity of services and programming for both adults and children to enable our community to deepen its spiritual practice and connect to the Divine.

Your contribution to Chochmat HaLev is tax-deductible.

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Dedication of High Holy Days Prayer Book/Machzor


It is a time-honored tradition to support the publication of a holiday prayer book through the purchase of dedications. Dedicate any number of machzorim in honor of living friends or relatives, a cause, or the memory of a loved one.

Please include the name being dedicated in the “Additional Information” box when you check out.