High Holy Day Tickets


  • Tickets are available to the general public, and we welcome your attendance.
  • Tickets for members are free. We’ve made it really easy this year. You can come in-person or attend by zoom. No paper or electronic tickets will be sent ahead of time. If you’re joining us at the church, just show up to check in and get a wristband. All members will receive a zoom link 48 hours ahead of time, so you can mix and match if you choose. Member tickets are not transferable.  Become a member »
  • Services will be in person and live-streamed via Zoom. Your ticket gives you the option to attend as is comfortable for you.
  • You can purchase a tickets for each individual holiday (Rosh Hashanah or Yom Kippur) or you can purchase a complete High Holy Day package and save some money.
  • We encourage you to purchase in advance. 
  • Children under age 13 – free with an adult ticket.
  • Pay what you can tickets are available with a minimum donation.

You Can Choose From One of These Three Contribution Levels:

I can be a SUSTAINER  (which includes one month of free membership***)

Yom Kippur:                  $180 each

 I can COVER THE COSTS with my purchase:

Yom Kippur:                  $100 each

I can make this OFFERING:

Yom Kippur:                  $50 suggested or what you can


  • Tickets to High Holy Day services for each adult member
  • Life-cycle event celebrations (baby namings, b’mitzvahs, shiva minyans)
  • Invitations to Member-only events
  • Discounts to all classes and events
  • Support from Heart to Heart in times of need
  • Pastoral care & counseling
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