Hanukkah Appeal

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“Hannukah is about the spark of the divine

in all of us made in God’s image.”

Suzanne Fields

Dear Friends and Supporters of Chochmat HaLev,

This Hannukah season, the divine spark burning brightly within the heart of the Chochmat HaLev community will rekindle the Hannukah candles, helping to illuminate the path to hope for the entire world. Like our ancestors living under the yoke of Greek-Syrian oppression, we live in dark and turbulent times. More urgently than ever, our conscious community is called upon to rededicate itself to the critical work, proclaimed in Psalms, of building the world – and our beloved home – with lovingkindness.

We are asking you to show your support for this all-important spiritual endeavor by making a generous Hannukah donation to Chochmat HaLev.

This past year, in our continuing effort to realize our vision of building a conscious community grounded in lovingkindness, we offered inspiring and meaningful experiences for all who call Chochmat HaLev their spiritual home. Some examples are:

    • Shabbat & Holiday Services, from contemplative to ecstatic, something to nourish and inspire us all.
    • After more than 20 members lost family members and loved ones, in July we reached deep into the soul of our community to hold a Circle of Remembrance, a safe space for grieving members of our community to mourn, remember and celebrate the lives of their loved ones.
    • A few days after the national election, community members came together under the protective guidance of Maggid Jhos Singer & Julie Batz to listen with open hearts as people expressed their feelings, thoughts, fears and hopes.
    • A week later, Chochmat HaLev held its first Urban Shtetl Family Learning Day; about 50 children, parents, and grandparents gathered under the leadership of Youth and Family Program Director Gavriel Strauss to learn, play, sing, give and receive blessings.
    • On the anniversary of 9/11, we held an Interfaith Salon, inviting leaders of several spiritual communities to talk about how their faiths approach the difficult work of forgiveness. And we co-sponsored and hosted a ritual and action event to support the Water Protectors in North Dakota.
    • We learned with luminaries like Avivah Zornberg, Rabbi Shefa Gold and Norman Fischer, and studied Torah together.

Here are a few of the ways we will continue to fulfill our vision to build a nurturing, inspiring, connected and inclusive conscious community in 2017.

      • Our exciting new Youth and Family Program will bring families together to create community and connection to Jewish wisdom traditions.
      • On January 14, the second chevra of Chochmat HaLev adults will joyfully celebrate their B’not Mitzvah, the culmination of 1 ½ years of studying Torah, Jewish wisdom and Hebrew.
      • The next Interfaith Salon: Embracing Uncertainty will be held in March.
      • The Israel/Palestine Project will offer monthly movies and a discussion with Rabbi SaraLeya Schley on “Jewish Values and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict.”
      • Our Shabbat and High Holiday services will, as always, bring our community together with inspirational Torah teachings and spiritually uplifting music.
      • We will join with each other to celebrate bar/bat-mitzvahs, births, and marriages. Together we will mourn the loss of loved ones.


To succeed in bringing you all our planned activities and meet our financial obligations we need to raise $30,000. Your contributions will enable us to pay the salaries of our congregational leaders Jhos Singer and Julie Batz, our Youth and Family Program and Musical Directors, our musicians and our dedicated staff; maintain our sanctuary; continue to provide our popular services and programs; and create innovative new programs for all ages and segments of our community, while attracting newcomers who are inspired by what Chochmat HaLev has to offer.

Beloved community, help keep the divine spark residing within each one of us and within the heart of Chochmat HaLev to continue emanating joy, hope and light to the entire world. This Hannukah, please donate generously and with an open heart.

Wishing you a blessed Hannukah holiday,


Helen Zung for the Fundraising Committee

ps. Join us for a fun filled “Almost Hanukkah Klezmer Happy Hour.” December 18. Dance with the shtetl-rocking klezmer of Kugelplex and world-renowned belly-dancer Elizabeth Strong. Indulge yourself with Maggid Jhos Singer’s famous “Latketini” cocktail. Let your children be enchanted with Joel Ben Izzy’s new book “Dreidels on the Brain,” and Jen Miriam and Alon Kantor’s hilarious puppet show, “Zaide Makes Latkes.” See you there!