Hannuka Giving – “Let There Be Light”

Beloved Community,

This Hannukah at Chochmat HaLev we come together to light the Menorah and rededicate ourselves to our faith in miracles, our loving community, and our deeply-held spiritual values.  We remain resolute in our intent (kavannah) to deepen our soul work and our connections to each other.  As we continue to strengthen our own community, we connect with all communities and individuals, who stand firm in their refusal to yield to the darkness and chaos.

It is said that HaShem brought the world into being by creating light, and gave us the miracle of Hannukah by causing a small cruse of oil to burn for eight days.  We at Chochmat HaLev feel called upon to perform a human miracle by lighting the way to a more just and compassionate world.  We do this with joy, love and hope.

Please join us in this holy endeavor by donating with an open heart to Chochmat HaLev.

Rabbi Jonathan Sacks describes community as “…the human expression of Divine love.  It is where I am valued simply for who I am, how I live, and what I give to others.”  Chochmat HaLev is such a place:  the beloved physical sanctuary we call home shelters a blessed spiritual sanctuary where our souls meet with each other and with the Divine.

Our love for Chochmat HaLev is grounded in the gratitude we feel for being blessed with this sanctuary that provides a dependable place of refuge from a sometimes-threatening world.  Here we are safe to celebrate our unique souls, affirm our sexuality and gender identity, and express our emotional and spiritual needs as we choose.  We are free to give our hearts and souls over to meditation, prayer, ritual and music, knowing that our participation is looked upon favorably by our haverim and our Divine source.

The Chochmat HaLev community is united by Jewish values and practices which have sustained our people for thousands of years.  Our light burns most brightly when we support compassion, justice, inter-generational connections, music and dance, meditation and prayer, inclusiveness, learning, authenticity and joy – always joy.

We need you to help keep the light shining and to sustain all that we value.

Think of the many ways in which Chochmat HaLev enriches your life:  friendships, High Holy Day and Shabbat services, a safe sanctuary for worship, a welcoming space for commemorating important life events, Jewish holiday celebrations, the Urban Shtetl family program, ongoing meditation groups, Torah study, exciting classes, inspiring speakers, and a warm, enthusiastic and loving community that embraces you wherever you are in your connection to Judaism.

If you value these blessings, please amplify the joy and love by making a generous donation today.


The Ashrei prayer says:  “Fortunate are those who dwell in Your house.”  May we also say:  “Fortunate are those who gather in community at Chochmat HaLev.”

With blessings,

Jeffrey Kessler, Helen Zung, Susana Delman, Jen Roitman
Hanukkah Fundraising Task Force

Thank you for your generosity!

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