Giving with Heart

A Message from Julie Batz, Shlichat Tzibur and Congregational Leader

On a recent Friday evening close to 100 of us gathered for Shabbat services in our sanctuary. It was another moment of vulnerability and tenderness for our community — many of us were reeling from the terrorist attack in Poway; others were mourning a loss even closer to home, remembering R. Steven Fisdel, a beloved teacher to many at Chochmat HaLev.

As I looked around the room, I saw so many loving gestures: folks extending and grasping hands, offering hugs and comfort. Familiar faces and new faces. Full-throated singing, laughter, tears, and connection. This is what we’ve been building together, and we’re so grateful — grateful that we are able to provide a welcoming presence for all in our community who seek to explore and expand Judaism. Grateful that we provide a space for learning, meditation, prayer, dance, simchas/joyful celebrations, and grief. Grateful that we are still here, still standing, still giving, and still receiving.

This is a tenuous time for many Jewish communal institutions. We depend on our members to sustain us with so many resources — time, energy, encouragement, elbow grease…and dollars.

Dorrit, our new executive director, has energy and a clear vision in moving us forward on the path of financial sustainability. At the heart of that vision is the care and beautification of our spiritual home. Changes are afoot and it’s exciting to see the vision unfold!

As Jeffrey said recently, our community is a treasure, worthy of your investment. I hope you will join me and Jhos in making a generous contribution this Omer season.

With blessings of love and gratitude,