Parashat Theater

2nd Saturdays, 10:30 – 12:15
ages 6 – 12

Children learn a story and explore a theme associated with the week’s Torah portion (parashah). The group presents their commentary on the parashah in theatrical form, often with music and puppets, accompanied by artistic creation.

Lead by Rabbi Lynn and the entire Urban Shtetl staff.
Free and open to the public


2019-20 Schedule

September 14: Ki Tetze | Returning Lost Things

October 12: Ha-azinu | Moses Was a Poet, He Loved to Rap

November 9: Lech Lecha | Sarah and Abraham’s Open Tent

December 14: VaYishlach | Jacob Wrestles with the Angels

January 11: Vayechi | The Twelve Tribes & Their Blessings

February 15: Yitro | Yitro Gives Moses Some Good Advice

March 14: Ki Tisa | Aaron & the Sabbath of Cows

April 11: Special Pesakh Reading | What makes a question Jewish?

May 9: Emor | The Fire That Never Goes Out (Stories of the Ner Tamid)

June 13: Beha’alotecha | Miriam the Prophet and the Golden Cloud


Mar 14 2020


10:30 am - 12:15 pm


Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb