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Perfection, Silence and Sacred Space: The Meeting Place of the Sabbath and Buddhist Practice

With Stephen Fulder and James Baraz
Wednesday, May 8, 7-9:30pm

$15 Chochmat Members
$20 General Admission

The Sabbath day is one of the most ancient rituals and symbols of stopping. Stopping and resting is not about non-doing, but as it is clearly described in the Bible and Jewish sources, it is stopping the restless need to transform, to change to fix and improve things. It is a reminder of inherent perfection in ourselves and the world, described in Biblical language as the ending and perfection of creation that happened symbolically by the 7th day. In Buddhist (dharma) practice, it is akin to samadhi, and nirodha the calming, stopping and ceasing of the usual busyness that occupy our lives and our mind, and entering a deep silent space. In this evening we will explore the dimensions of stopping, both in the Jewish and Buddhist contexts, together with some guided practice.

Join Stephen and James for an evening of guided meditations, teachings, activities, and a Q&A session.

Stephen Fulder, PhD, is the founder of the Israel Insight Society (Tovana) and one of Israel’s leading spiritual teachers. Drawing on 40 years of deep personal experience of vipassana/mindfulness meditation and dharma practice, he has guided thousands of people in exploring Buddhist teachings, practising meditation, and rediscovering the magic of the moment.

James Baraz is a Buddhist meditation teacher and Spirit Rock co-founder. He was part of Chochmat Halev’s Yom Kippur service in 2018 and will be again this year.

About Stephen’s book:
What’s Beyond Mindfulness: Waking Up to This Precious Life

A life-changing guide to the incredible benefits of living with a radical, hopeful and dharma (Buddhist practice)-based perspective that includes mindfulness but goes way beyond it. A uniquely practical and accessible exploration of Buddhism in everyday life that will have appeal to people of any faith and of none.

“A deeply nurturing and illuminating book.” – Jon Kabat-Zinn


May 8


7:00 pm - 9:30 pm


Chochmat Halev
2215 Prince Street
Berkeley, CA 94705 United States



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