It’s a Mitzvah to Be Healthy

A Jewish Response to COVID-19


At a time when so many of us are worried about the spread of coronavirus, what can we continue to model the many Jewish values we embody at Chochmat – values like caring for our physical and spiritual health; extending welcome and hospitality, and loving our neighbors and ourselves?


  • Disinfecting all doorknobs, handles, and frequently-touched surfaces after every event.
  • Setting up hand-sanitizing stations at all entrances
  • Distributing extra boxes of tissues and trash cans around the facility
  • Serving challah – Max and Lisa will be serving the challah at Shabbat rather than it being passed around



  • Cultivate heymishness (coziness) – If you are sick, or even slightly under the weather, please stay home!
  • Be machmir (stringent) with your hygiene – Wash your hands as soon as you get to Chochmat – either with soap and water or with hand sanitizer. Sneeze or cough into a tissue and immediately throw it away in one of the many available trash receptacles
  • Shomer negiah (guard your touch) – Instead of hugging or shaking hands, try a bow or a namaste greeting. Don’t hold hands while dancing or during any other part of the service.
  • Al tirah (don’t panic, but be prepared) – Stock up on items you need just in case. Make plans on what to do if daycare, elder care, or other support structures get interrupted. Reach out to friends and neighbors to see how you can help them.


Along with so many other individuals and communities, we are closely monitoring the coronavirus outbreak with an eye to keeping Chochmat HaLev as safe as possible. At this time, we canceling our bigger events like some of our services, and still hosting our smaller classes, and events. We will notify you if there are any changes to this approach via our newsletter and our Facebook page.

* Thanks to Congregation T’chiyah in Detroit for this awesome framing!