Wake Up Before It’s Over

Jhos 3Maggid Jhos Singer
Date:  Tuesday, September 8, 2015
Time:  7:00 PM to 9:00 PM,
Location:  Chochmat HaLev
Cost:  $20 non-members / free for members

The high holiday liturgy is full of shocking imagery intended to jolt us out of the spiritual doldrums.  The central image comes back again and again to our own mortality.  How much time do we have left in our lives?  Will we get another year of life?  Will we manage to manifest our visions, utilize our talents, and make our mark before we die?  And most importantly, what keeps us from staying on our path?  In this class, we will get a jump on the holidays by delving deeply into the quintessential High Holy Day liturgy, Una Tanah Tokeif.  Through the liturgy, we will pinpoint some of our obstacles and stumbling blocks and will contemplate what it would mean to be fully self-actualized.

No previous Hebrew background required.
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