Torah of Awakening: The Three Pillars of Spiritual Awakening

Brian brooks
Reb Brian Schachter-Brooks
Date:  Monday, August 10, 2015
Time:  7:30 – 9:30pm
Location:  Chochmat HaLev
Cost:  donation

You may know the story of Moses- how he wandered off the beaten path to investigate a strange vision…

And with that spirit of exploration, he discovered his own “inner fire”-  and became the liberator of his people…

But have you noticed that there is a similar fire within you?

An inner flame calls you to liberation from negativity, worry and fear. It calls you to an empowered passion to live your destiny, to give your gifts to the world, to be nourished by a boundless love, beauty and bliss from within.

The month of Elul is a powerful time to connect with this Truth- in your relationships, in your work, in your body. Join us to learn about the Three Pillars of Spiritual Awakening.


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