Chochmat HaLev Israel Palestine Program

Mission Statement

The Chochmat HaLev Israel-Palestine program approaches the topic of Israel/Palestine from a uniquely Chochmat HaLev perspective: seeking wisdom with a wide-open heart, simultaneously holding the brokenness and the wholeness, and closing our hearts to no one. We aim to create opportunities for our members to engage with each other and as a community as we explore our relationships with Israel/Palestine.

We maintain a safe and transparent process in which everyone is welcome to participate and be heard wherever they stand. The long-view intention is not to come to a place of agreement, but rather to find a way to hold the multiple perspectives, narratives, and truths within a larger truth that moves our hearts towards being actors of positive change that will benefit our personal practice, our community, and people in Israel/Palestine.

Chochmat HaLev is our Jewish spiritual community; Israel/Palestine is the source of our foundational texts and our ancestors, and is repeatedly referenced aspirationally every time we pray together. Through opening the door to more fully engaging with this place, our aspiration is to be whole in our holiness by reflecting upon our original Jewish ‘Holy Land’ from the place of privilege we currently stand upon, our holy land of today.

This process also continues the opening that Ibrahim Baba helped us begin, and carries on his legacy of intersectionality and building bridges between the descendants of Abraham. Just as Ibrahim Baba was a bridge between differences without blurring the unique and contrasting elements of each, we can learn to hold the many realities, many truths, that already exist within each of us, our community, and our faith – connecting us to a greater love that embraces all.

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