Chochmat HaLev Associate Membership

Associate Membership

We welcome those who have primary membership in another spiritual organization and wish to join CHL in a secondary role to join as Associate Members

If you want to join Chochmat HaLev as your primary affiliation, and the dues are a financial challenge for you, please fill out the membership form here and call the office for assistance.


Benefits of Full Membership Included in Associate Membership:


  • Celebrate births, b’nei mitzvot, weddings, and other major events with the blessing of our clergy and in participation with the community.
  • Reduced prices for classes and events.
  • One High Holy Day Service is included.       40% Discount on other High Holy Day services for the associate member only.
  • Associate members are included in our membership directory

2018-2019 Associate Membership Dues Rates:

Sustaining Associate Community Member
o One-adult household $100+ /month
o Two-adult household $200+ /month

Supporting Community Member
o One-adult household $55+ /month
o Two-adult household $105+ /month

Conscious Community Member
o One-adult household: $37.50 + /month
o Two-adult household: $70 + /month

Please Note:

  • Only ONE High Holy Day Service is included with Associate Membership
  • Associate Members do not have access to pastoral counseling services by congregational leaders. (We assume you get these from your primary affiliation)
  • Associate Members cannot vote at the Chochmat HaLev annual meeting.

Become an Associate Member