Chochmat Halev Action Minyan

Dear Action Minyanim,

I hope you have had a sweet and meaningful Rosh Hashanah. I want you to be aware of an event that is coming up at the JCC that is sponsored by several civic organizations and Jewish organizations, including Chochmat Halev, for presentations and discussion about critical issues in our country and how to help get out the vote.

Thursday, October 4 – 7:00pm
Location: JCC East Bay 1414 Walnut Street Berkeley
Join a coalition of Bay Area Civic, Jewish and Justice-minded organizations for an evening of inspiring presentations and interactive discussions. The goal of this nonpartisan event is to engage attendees about how to get involved with national, state and local issues around immigration and housing and to develop a plan to help get out the vote! This action- oriented program is designed for anyone that wants to get involved, stay involved or have their efforts and energy amplified leading up to the mid-term elections and beyond.
*This event will adhere to strict non-partisan rules and we will be issue-focused.

With Bend the Arc Jewish Action, JCC East Bay, Congregation Beth El, Congregation Netivot Shalom, Chochmat HaLev, and Kehilla Community Synagogue

LEARN MORE AND REGISTER! 510.848.0237, ext. 142 •

In Solidarity,

Dear Action Minyan

Shana Tova! I would like to share two events happening as part of CHL’s community life related to taking action and the pursuit of justice as core components of YK & Sukkot spirituality

1) Fast for Change YK Workshop (at the church): Fasting on Yom Kippur creates a communal space to give witness to public calamities for which we mourn. Communal fasting helps us examine the ways we feel accountable. During the communal fast, we lament and take responsibility for transformative actions that contribute to healing and reconciliation. Let’s gather in a loving communal space & explore the connection between Yom Kippur spirituality and social justice. Includes text study about fasting in Jewish tradition and the YK text of Isaiah, and sharing with each other what public harm troubles us at this time as we experience it, in the life of our country and world. How can we help tip the scales toward justice?

2) Urban Shtetl presents: FESTIVAL OF SUKKOT: A night to celebrate our beautiful humanity Sun Sept 23 4:00 – 7 PM @ Chochmat Halev
Celebrate CHL Families and Welcome Muslim and Immigrant Friends & Neighbors
into the sukkah. We are also raising funds to replenish the bond fund for detained families.

We could use some volunteer support!! If you’d like to volunteer to make a pot luck for 20, or be a greeter, or help set up – contact me at

Decorate: 4:00 – 5:00 pm. Learn how to write your name in Hebrew and Arabic; decorate the Sukkah; display family photos (bring copies you can hang in the gallery on our CHL family tree)

Ushpuzin – Welcome Guests – Ceremony: 5:00 – 5:50 pm: Enjoy Jewish music with Lior!! Rabbi Lynn and Ameena Jandali of Islamic Networks Group will tell stories about Sarah and Hagar from Jewish and Muslim traditions. We will hear testimony from an immigrant family. Shake the lulov and etrog in 7 directions and offer blessings!! Join us for a celebration of community.

Potluck Feast! 6:00 – 7 pm Bring harvest food to share!
DONATIONS ARE WELCOME. please make reservations in advance:

Stay tuned for Jewishy Ways to Love the Earth as part of Family Learning Day, Sun. Nov 4th, 10 – 1 at CHL.

Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb
Director of Youth & Family Programming at Chochmat HaLev
office: 510.704.9687
cell: 805.259.5030

Jewish tradition has a word for sacred gatherings- “minyans.” Chochmat HaLev is participating in a nationwide effort to promote Jewish values and organize our community to take action. We are developing action minyans based on issues of interest. All are welcome.
We are registering our Action Minyan with Bend The Arc as part of their Moral Minyan Project, so we will be part of a national network.