Annual Mtg & Elections Info

Annual Meeting and Board Elections – February 19

To all Chochmat HaLev Members:

This notice provides important information about the items to be decided at our upcoming Annual Membership meeting.  It also explains how you can cast your vote electronically if you cannot attend in person.

The Annual Membership Meeting will be Sunday February 19, from 10am to noon, at Chochmat Ha Lev, 2215 Prince Street, Berkeley.  Childcare will be provided for children 3 and up. 

At the meeting we will receive reports from our Executive Director Jen Roitman, Congregational Leaders Jhos Singer and Julie Batz, and Board President Neil Goldberg.  These reports will include information about our financial health and the vision and plan for the community.

We will also vote on the following two issues, which are explained in more detail below:

1.  Approve the Board’s decision to renew the contract of our Congregational Leaders, Jhos Singer and Julie Batz, through February 2019 (Yes/No).

2. Elect to the Board the proposed slate of nominees (Yes/No).

Question 1: Approval of Contract Renewal Period For Congregational Leaders

Jhos and Julie were first hired as our Congregational Leaders for a two year term from November 2014 to October 2016. The board agreed to renew that contract for an additional two years and four months, through February 2019.  (The reason for the four months is that most synagogues do hiring in the spring, so we would be at a disadvantage if we had to find a replacement leader in November).  The renewal contract requires the same basic duties as the initial contract. It is still based on 50% time (approximately 1020 combined hours per year). It includes the leadership of three Shabbats per month, additional holidays, High Holy Days, pastoral support, work with the Board Executive Committee, and consultation regarding family, youth and adult programming and education, including b’nai mitzvot.

The bylaws empower the Board to make all decisions regarding hiring and firing of personnel and to determine the terms of all contracts, including salaries and dates. The bylaws do say, however, that the members can vote at the annual meeting to approve the board’s decision on the “period of time” for which the “Senior Rabbi” has been hired. Although such a vote is not required, in the interests of more community concord and participation, the board decided to ask for member approval of the November 2016-February 2019 contract duration of our Congregational Leaders.  (For more information about the bylaws, click here).

The board asks the members to approve the period of time for the renewal contract with the Congregational Leaders, through February 2019.

The board believes that the period is appropriate and will allow  the Congregational Leaders to continue to achieve their vision of making Chochmat a strong, conscious community.

Question 2: Election of Nominees to Board of Directors
The bylaws provide that all nominations to the board of directors must be made by a nominating committee. (For more information about the nominations, click here.) This year, the committee included the following current and former board members:  Rani Cochran, Adam Gutride, Lee Safran, Daniella Salzman and Janet Falk.

The nominating committee interviewed and evaluated each of the applicants.  The committee then recommended, and the board approved, the following eight persons as nominees:

Nancy Aron
Hal Aronson
Jeff Fry
Jeffrey Kessler
Dolores Leavitt
Ray McLaughlin
Abro Sutker
Amielle Zemach

Information about the nominees can be found here.

If elected, these eight will join the four continuing board members who have one year left on their terms:
Rani Cochran
Neil Goldberg
Adam Gutride
Donald White

Voting Procedures and Electronic Voting
Each dues-paying adult member is entitled to one vote on each question.  One-adult memberships have one vote. Each member in a Two-adult membership is entitled to vote.

If you cannot attend the meeting, you can vote electronically. Electronic voting will be open until Saturday February 18 at 8:00 p.m.

If you do not cast your electronic vote by the deadline above, you may vote only if you attend the meeting in person.  You cannot vote by proxy (including written proxy).

We look forward to seeing everyone at the annual meeting.

Sincerely yours,
Neil Goldberg
On Behalf of the Board of Directors