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Giving ourselves permission

Shabbat Shalom Chaverim— Shabbat is such a gift—and yet it’s quite difficult to accept.  To take one day off—to step away from judgment and fear, resentment and animosity, ego and malice—would seem a delicious invitation.  And yet most of us simply will not.  Or cannot.  Yet. So what do...

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A new set of questions this Passover

Shabbat Shalom Chaverim— Once again, Passover has passed over leaving in its wake memories of its annual Gastro-symbolic rites, its cobbled together trajectory tale, its multilayered ceremony and sanctimony spanning centuries, its haggadah stitching together Torah and Talmud, The Middle East and the Middle ages, Middle German and Middle...

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Vayetze – God is in that place too

Shalom chaverim— This week’s Torah Portion is “Vayetze” which details the story of Jacob’s hasty departure from his parental homestead. He basically creates a situation with his family that forces him to skedaddle, and the first night out he has an incredible dream encounter with God.  He wakes up the...

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Tshuvah – from ignorant surety to brilliant doubt

Shalom chaverim— This week’s Torah portion is Toldot—it basically describes the fertility struggles of Isaac and Rebecca, the eventual birth of their twin boys, Jacob and Esau and their clumsy family life. In some ways this is a story replete with warnings about extremism. The central players embody polarity—from...

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