Torat Halev Spirit School


Torat HaLev Spirit School serves our school-aged group from age six through thirteen. With weekly sessions that weave song, story, craft, and Hebrew language skills, Torat HaLev creates a fun Jewish Learning environment. Students and families learn tools to enliven Jewish practice and raise spiritual consciousness. We draw upon Judaism as a rich source of values and traditions to sustain ourselves and cultivate righteous action in the world.

Using a variety of modalities including music, art, storytelling, and drama, our fun and engaging classes deepen students’ connections to the rhythms of Jewish life and the cycles of the seasons. Students explore the spiritual side of Judaism through direct experiences with meditation, chant, and contemplative practices. Together we engage in mitzvah projects that allow us to put our values into action and collaborate in building Tikkum Olam (repair of the world).

Our school serves families with children in kindergarten through fifth grade. Parents help and learn alongside their children in the classroom. Students in sixth grade and up may join our Tuesday afternoon program and/or are eligible to become part of our B’nei Mitzvah Program.

Classes focus on specific themes that rotate each year. This year’s theme is PEACE. Explore teachings and practices for cultivating peace within ourselves, within our families, in society and in the world.

Basic Hebrew skills (decoding, simple vocabulary, prayers) are taught every year. Other themes include Torah stories, the Jewish calendar and holidays, Prayers and Blessings, Symbols and Rituals, and Jewish values.