The Chochmat HaLev Urban Shtetl

Building a Village in the City

You’re not meant to do this alone! We all want the benefits of more community in our life. We want our kids to have nourishing life-long friendships. We want our community to lend a hand when things are tough. We want to have quality relaxing time with our peers. We want ourselves and our kids to have a rich spiritual connection to our Jewish lineage, to feel part of something bigger, and to make it our own. Most of all we want more genuine opportunities to “give” to those we love.    

“It Takes a Village”… and now it’s time to build it!!

This exciting new program includes:

  • Monthly Shabbat Havurah gatherings at home with a “Tribe” of 4-6 families
  • 4 community-wide Family Learning Days a year (think: fun, arts, music, outdoor festival!)
  • A monthly youth and family program during the Saturday Morning Blessing Service
  • Monthly parent support groups

Chochmat HaLev is strengthening our focus on the needs of parents and families in our community.

Our program will focus on:

  • Meeting children’s developmental needs with age-appropriate Jewish Education
  • Empowering parents to be leaders
  • Cultivating vibrant caring community together
  • Deepening authentic relationships for both youth and parents
  • Supporting you in meeting parenting as a spiritual practice
  • …and much, much more.


Contact Youth & Family Program Director Gavriel Straus for more information at:

Program Components:

1. Shabbat Havurah
Monthly Shabbat Havurah gatherings at home with aTribe” of 4-6 families.  The Urban Shtetl will offer a menu of resources for families to organize and lead successful shabbat havurah experiences, including ritual, content, and organizational support.

2. Family Learning Days
Nov. 13, 2016, Feb. 12 Mar. 26, June 11, 2017

L’chaim, l’chaim to us! An urban shtetl family gathering celebrating the gift of building community together on June 11, 10am-2pm at the Berkely Aquatic Park is our next Family Learning Day.

Family Learning Days are community-wide gatherings which will build off of our annual theme of “A Year of Blessing”. They will include individual programming for preschool through grade 5, and include music, food and storytelling as well as special projects and learning.

3.  Saturday Youth and Family Program
We will offer Jewish Educational activities during the Saturday Morning Blessing Service (on the second shabbat of the month) that will include Art, Music/song/drumming, Prayer, Dance, Storah-telling, Improv theatre and more!

4.  Parenting as a Spiritual Practice
Parenting support groups to help us navigate the challenges of parenthood and raise our children in our modern society with conscious and spiritual intentions.

Program Requirements:

  • Chochmat HaLev Membership  
  • Program Fee (Contact the Front Office)
  • If you have any questions, please contact the office at 510-704-9687 or